Eat Only Raw Foods

from Principles of the Searchless Raw Diet (page 28)

The basic diet is (in the general case) the diet that most fully and consistently meets all the requirements for right diet (or the "minimum optimum", and, as a general daily rule, consistently pure and purifying, rebalancing, and rejuvenative diet) I herein Indicate. That diet (the healthful virtues of which have been fully "experientially" Confirmed by Me, as well as by tradition, and by "modern" research and experimentation) is the raw fructo-vegetarian diet--consisting totally of raw (or uncooked, or unfired, and, thus, entirely living) foods.

That basic (or "minimum optimum") diet consists principally of greens and fruits, together with seeds, nuts, sprouts, grasses, and other vegetables.To the maximum extent possible, all raw living foods should be locally grown (or, if imported, not adulterated in travel), pesticide-free, grown in a sustainable manner, not genetically modified or irradiated, and entirely non-toxic. 

In the case of this by-Me-Given dietary discipline, foods are taken in solid or liquid or blended forms (except during fasts, or during any period in which an exclusively juiced liquid fruit, or liquid vegetable, or liquid fruit-and-vegetable diet is preferred), and food is always to be taken only in moderate amounts, using vitamins or other supplements only if (rightly) medically so advised. 

On the relatively rare occasions when a caffeine-containing psycho-physical stimulant is rightly and truly required, for either functional or medicinal reasons, either green tea, or white tea, or, more rarely, pu-erh tea--all of which are generally regarded to have relatively non-toxic properties--may be taken. Because of their rather aggressively toxic properties, neither black tea nor oolong tea nor coffee should, as a general rule, be taken. 

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