The Right-Life Discipline of Searchless 

Raw Diet and Fasting

 from Discourses on the Searchless Raw Diet (pages 55-56)

The searchless raw diet is a basic right-life discipline in the Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam. Therefore, that dietary discipline has a specific purpose, and a specific basis for determining the effectiveness of the discipline.

The dietary practice that I have Given My devotees is a raw-food diet. Apart from certain physical factors that may make a diet of exclusively raw food impractical in rare cases, the principle of the dietary discipline is that once the body is in a purified and balanced condition, then only food is taken that is necessary to sustain the body in its well-being and healthfulness. If you will observe that principle, then you will constantly be addressing all of the "self"-indulgent preferences of the body-mind-"self" that result in toxicity and imbalance, and you will practice a diet of raw food.

The common tendency relative to all aspects of ordinary life is not only to exercise egoic habits but to constantly reinforce in oneself and in others the principle of social "good feeling" as a solution to the stress of life. People are always encouraging one another, with their conventional social messages, to re-enter the play of social relations, because they feel it to be the right arrangement of life. Relative to diet, people commonly influence one another in all kinds of ways to embrace habits of taking things into the body. Thus, diet becomes a social practice to achieve social pleasure, ultimately to pleasurize the body for its own sake. 

Someone who would practice the Reality-Way of Adidam might likewise achieve a mediocre resolution of diet in order to justify all kinds of habits of "self"-indulgence, with the justification that, as long the diet is vegetarian and the person is not grossly overeating, he or she is practicing a version of the dietary discipline I have Given. It is simply not true. The glorification of the social ego to itself has nothing to do with the Reality-Way of Adidam. Nor is the practice of diet in the Reality-Way of Adidam merely idealistically vegetarian. All of that is simply a "lifestyle cop-out", a short-term diversion. The practice of diet I have Given is the intensive purifying and balancing of the body through maintaining a strict diet that supplies the body only the food that it requires for a continued pure and balanced state of physical well-being--meaning a body that has vitality and that has been made strong. 

The principle of purifying and balancing the body, and keeping it in a purified and balanced state of well-being, is the basis for any nourishing of the body for the sake of its vitality. To abandon the pure and balanced bodily state and adhere to an idealized dietary practice is not to practice the dietary discipline that I have Given. You must first bring the body into a state of balance by correcting old habits and purifying the body of the results of old habits. Such purification includes fasting. When the body has achieved a purified and balanced state, then what is the dietary practice that sustains its vital well-being? That practice is a raw diet.

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