The Green Domain

from Discourses On The Searchless Raw Diet (pages 66-67)

In the world in general, there is not a great deal of understanding of the principles of such a diet. Over thirty years ago, I named My first book about diet The Eating Gorilla Comes In Peace. What do gorillas eat? What are the primates who are close to the human form doing? They are practicing a raw diet. They haven't a clue about how to build a fire and cook something. They move about, so that they are constantly foraging in different places and taking food from different sources.
The gorilla's diet is dominantly greens. Secondarily, the diet of the gorilla makes use of various kinds of fruits and seeds. 

Gorillas spend a tremendous amount of time every day in taking food. They do not have much to do otherwise, so they sit around and eat greens off the bushes. To chew and ingest such a diet takes time. Human beings, however, do not generally have the leisure to wander and forage. Most people would have to walk a long distance before they could find something green and edible that is growing in the wild. The activities of foraging and wandering and spending all day in eating are not practical for humankind. 

The raw diet is something like an in-the-wild diet. However, in order to eliminate the amount of time you must spend at this diet, you must prepare the food in such a way that it is readily absorbed and that eating it does not require much time. Juices and blended preparations are a solution. These green drinks maintain the activity of eating that the body is built to do, which is to ingest greens in a daily cycle, not only to purify itself but to constantly rebuild, rebalance, and revitalize itself. The raw diet gives you the entire "pill"--purification and then rebalancing and then rebuilding and revitalizing.

If, like the gorilla, you take green leafy vegetables but in a concentrated form, the food is medicine, as the raw diet is meant to be, and you need not spend your life in eating. An added advantage is that the preparation of your food is not complicated--because the meal is not cuisine.

People who confess that they cannot fast readily or that they lose too much weight by fasting can practice this raw diet with green drinks every day and maintain their weight, even encourage the body to find its own weight. The raw diet with green drinks is not a weight-loss diet. It is not merely purifying. It is sustaining, and it provides what no other diet can provide, because all other forms of diet are several steps away from the nutritional sources that maximize the nutrition the body needs, causing the body to acquire toxins and to suffer imbalance and devitalization.

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