Searchless, Lawful Management of the Body

from Discourses On The Searchless Raw Diet (pages 75-76)

Someone who rightly practices diet and fasting in the manner I recommend naturally enjoys physical well-being. Someone who exploits diet for pleasure has fun and then suffers. You may choose one or the other approach to life.
You can have fun and suffer, or you can enjoy a continuous sense of well-being and enjoy freedom from the negative exaggerations of physical existence. 

Fun and suffering are two sides of a self-replicating cycle. People who embrace the conventions of the social world in order to maximize fun and pleasure inevitably must struggle with mortality, disease, and bodily stresses. Most such people cannot even imagine living a principled physical existence in which they are naturally free of the cycle of pleasure, disease, and suffering. Ultimate Freedom, Transcendental Spiritual Freedom, is something else again, a Spiritual matter. Yet the natural bodily freedom of which I speak may be enjoyed by anyone. The usual person does not, in general, embrace the disciplining that bodily well-being requires unless he or she has no choice, having become so physically degraded as to be forced to change his or her habit of life. Only then does such a person choose to live--at least to a degree--in such a manner as to become healthy. 

It is possible, however, to choose the lawful physical practice all your life. By tendency, people break out of such a practice into the fun-and-suffering worldliness that is everywhere propagandized in their society. Yet within a culture of practice of right life and physical well-being, every person is an example and an encouragement for every other person, an inspiration to lawful practices of all kinds, the practice of right life (including diet and health) as well as Spiritual life. Well-being should be the sign in such a culture of inspiration and expectation, a culture that transcends the dramatizing of reluctance to discipline the body-mind-"self" and the constant fascination with the results of an unprincipled life. In the culture of the "Radical" Reality-Way of Adidam (or Adidam Ruchiradam), right life is practiced, and the signs are shown in every person, for all to observe. 

In a merely social gathering, people seek to preserve egoity and the habits of suffering. Listen to what people say. What do they constantly inspire in one another? The exploitation of egoity and the life of bondage to the body and the "world". 
The speech of every person in conventional society is propaganda. Good company, or the company of those who inspire and expect the practice of right life in one another, is fundamental to the practice of the Reality-Way of Adidam. Bad company does not so inspire. Generally speaking, people who are governed by the ego are bad company. Such people encourage one another toward a life that may seem attractive, but its attractiveness is only temporary and soon disappears.

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