Dietary Transition Via Fasting

from Living the Searchless Raw Diet (pages 96-97)

Avatar Adi Da's principal recommendation relative to transition to the searchless raw diet is to prepare for and engage an extended fast, including at least some period of lemon water fast. Such an extended fast not only purifies the body of accumulated toxins and re-balances the body, but also interferes with the repetitive habit cycles of addictive tendencies relative to eating. In the wake of such a fast, the transition to raw diet is less of a struggle and becomes, instead, a response to discovering what is more natural or native to the body. To make use of the fasting transition to the raw diet, you must first engage preparation for the fasting phase:

          Remove the Most Toxic Elements of the Diet 

  • First relinquish the conventional diet, which often includes indiscriminate use of stimulating foods and accessories to the diet--including alcohol and other addictive drugs (street or prescription), cigarettes, caffeinated drinks (coffee, black tea, sodas, "energy" drinks, etc.), white sugar and other sugar products, and excessive use of salt. Some may find relinquishing these foods and accessories straightforward, adapting over a period of a few days or weeks. Others may take longer for various reasons. 
  • Blended green drinks (will assist the body in this and all phases of dietary transition. Start with 10-16 oz. of green drink once a day and move to 32-64 oz. (1-2 quarts) taken in one period or divided over 2-3 drinks a day (as you are moved). 
  • We advise those on medications to consult with their doctor(s) before they begin the transition phase to the raw diet--and also while living the raw diet--as to whether they still need some or all of their medications, or less of them. Over time most medications (if not all) may no longer be necessary as the conditions that they are prescribed for are relieved or corrected by the raw diet. But this is not necessarily so and therefore should be determined in consultation with the appropriate doctor(s). Some examples of when medication may still be necessary are: type 1 diabetics who might still need insulin, those with hypothyroid may still require thyroid replacement, severe hypertensives may still require medication for a long period of time, etc. It is also very important not to stop certain medications suddenly, as suddenly stopping some medications can cause severe problems. It is strongly advised that those on medication be in close touch with their doctor(s) relative to adjusting or ceasing their medications and not arbitrarily or independently stop (whether suddenly or slowly) some or all medications. 
  • All of this will generally initiate a cycle of bodily purification. (See the section "Managing Symptoms of Purification" below.) These generally can pass without a lot of concern or attention. If any symptoms persist or are of concern consult with a qualified doctor or therapist. 
  • Assist the process of purification and adaptation with appropriate amounts of pure water (generally take up to 8 oz. of water eight times per day), good bowel habits (including the possible use of fiber such as psyllium husks, ground flax seed, etc.), and exercises that emphasize feeling, stretching, and full breath.

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