Introduction by Daniel Bouwmeester, MD

Daniel Bouwmeester, M.D., has studied and practiced the Teachings of Adi Da Samraj for over 35 years and is one of the original members of the health clinic founded by Adi Da.

T he Discourses in this book were freely spoken by His Divine Presence Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj in March and April of 2008, in a setting most appropriate to their theme. In a secluded stretch of Adi Da Samrajashram (the Fijian Island of Naitauba), Avatar Adi Da has established a forest hermitage known as "Lion's Lap". This beautiful environment is embraced by the canopy of green branches and leaves of the ancient, great trees overhead, and grasses and multi-colored flowers blanket the ground. In this pristine domain, the deep, silent Radiance of Adi Da's Blessing and Divine State is profoundly felt, Pervading everything and yet Prior to the body and the mind. It was in this circumstance that Avatar Adi Da was spontaneously moved to speak of lawful accord with the "green domain". 

Avatar Adi Da has long been an advocate of the raw diet (a diet based on the principle of eating foods only in their "raw", or uncooked, state). He is clear that it is the right and lawful diet for most, if not all, human beings. Avatar Adi Da first communicated about the searchless approach to diet in The Eating Gorilla Comes In Peace (first printed in 1979) and He fully outlined and elaborated a raw dietary approach in Raw Gorilla (first printed in 1982). He has consistently communicated that, after an appropriate period of adaptation, the raw diet is the right and lawful diet for humankind.

Because of the Prior Nature of His Divine Condition, Avatar Adi Da is thoroughly experienced with what works for the body in its conformity and service to the Living Reality. Furthermore, He is sensitive to and eloquently critical of all the pitfalls, misinformation, hype, and seeking communicated everywhere, including in the "movement" associated with raw food. 

Since the publication of Raw Gorilla in the early 1980s, the raw food movement has grown from being a "fringe" dietary approach (generally unknown or at best suspicious) to becoming more acceptable--almost mainstream. Raw food restaurants are proliferating in major cities. Raw food advocates are positively received on TV talk shows or in the media--and their presentations and books are easily found on the internet. Some celebrities will not travel without their raw food chef!

Raw food advocates, in their attempt to be heard, have amassed a large body of scientific and empirical support for the validity of the raw food dietary approach. Many books and websites intelligently outline the scientific and practical basis for the raw diet and give testimonials not only for the usefulness of raw diet in helping to correct health conditions but also as a way to maintain optimum health and vitality. Old fears (of becoming emaciated or osteoporotic) and misinformation about the raw diet (such as the diet being deficient in protein and vitamin B12) have been addressed, encouraging many to make the transition to a totally or maximally raw diet.

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