Introduction by Daniel Bouwmeester, MD

At the same time that the raw food movement has been evolving, other common approaches to diet have also changed. Over the past thirty years, the medical profession has gone from being in "diet denial"--relative to the effect of diet on disease conditions--to emphasizing life-style changes for all the common chronic health problems. Accordingly, the standard conventional diets that are recommended by doctors have changed, now including many variations within the accepted standard (including diets like Atkins, South Beach, Pritikin, Metabolic, Blood Type, Zone, etc.). Another recommendation gaining ground is vegetarian (or plant-based) diet--also with many variations, including approaches that include dairy or eggs, the macrobiotic diet, the vegan diet, and numerous others.

Such a collage of dietary applications and seeking are but a narrow slice of the full spectrum of human pursuits that Avatar Adi Da Samraj has addressed in His years of Teaching-Work, beginning in 1972. Avatar Adi Da Submitted Himself to Teach those who--full of all kinds of these common inclinations and established habit-patterns--came to Him for His evident Wisdom and Blessing. Over the years, as His Teaching-Submission continued, Avatar Adi Da exhaustively addressed all possible matters that were brought to Him--including the matter of diet, to the point where His Teaching became summary, meaning that it was clearly and finally established and He no longer needed to address points of view that were alternatives to His communicated and proven Way. 

Avatar Adi Da's fundamental recommendation relative to diet is the searchless raw (fructo-vegetarian) diet--searchless in the sense that it is simply lawful management of a body in Communion with the Living Reality, free of the need to use food as a means to solve any kind of problem or seek any kind of ideal in body or mind. The Green Gorilla is the essential, summary communication of the Divine Adept, Avatar Adi Da Samraj--to His devotees and to all--relative to diet.

 For those who are interested in a lawful, healthy life, there is great Wisdom here to guide you, free of any kind of exaggerated seeking approach. For Avatar Adi Da's devotees, practicing the Reality-Realizing Way of Adidam, the dietary discipline given here is embraced as part of an entire life of devotional conformity to Avatar Adi Da. Such  "whole bodily" devotion or responsive devotional obedience--is the natural and inherent movement of the devotee who recognizes the Divine Master as the Living and Prior Reality. In this disposition of recognition, the devotee is drawn beyond the ordinary impulses of body and mind, into the profound process of Transcendental Spiritual Blessing and Awakening that is the greatest Gift Adi Da Samraj is here to Give. 

Listen carefully to Avatar Adi Da's precise Words of Instruction. Conform to His Help. Let His Criticism penetrate all old habits, dietary patterns, and ongoing bodily addictions. Allow diet to be the benign simplicity that it rightfully is--and let it serve the body's submission to What Is Prior and Beyond.

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